Our beloved Wawas

Bria Lamonica '17, Editor

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Imagine a world without convience stores, one where you had to go to the supermarket to grab bread and milk, or out to a McDonald’s to get a quick bite to eat. We take our surplus of convience stores in New Jersey for granted, and in many other places around the world, the luxury of Wawa just does not exist.

“We only have one Wawa in Whitehall[Pennsylvania], and it just opened up a few years ago. It’s really convenient, but it’s almost always packed and it’s a 20-minute drive from our school.” Katarina Hojohn ’17 said. “Before wawa everyone relied on the local 7-eleven store or the closest Shoprite.”

Most of us can’t fathom the idea of not having a Wawa at every corner in town, but for some people, the idea doesn’t make much sense.

“I remember when no one had heard of “Wawa”, when Heritages and 7-eleven and gas station stops were the only ways of getting snacks and food quickly.” Local Charles Diodato said.

While many older generations are not used to seeing these modern, food-filled havens, many adults take solace in the added ease to their day.

Linette Hice said,“As a parent, I do love being able to run out and grab bread or something for dinner and be home in 5 minutes. It’s nice to be able to get snacks, food for home, lottery tickets, and gas, all in one place.”

Of course, for the young teen population, Wawa’s are not only a place for cheap food and candy, but also a place to make memories with friends and get together.

“My friends and I like to meet up at Wawa before work a few times a week, just to check up on each other and order our favorite sandwiches.” Kaeley Bogan ’17 said. “It’s nice to have this little place to stop and rest amidst all the stress and running around of high school. Wawa is sometimes the only place I get to see my friends for weeks at a time.”

Whether you are for or against the modern brick buildings that are plastered on every street corner, the free coffee days in November and the never-ending coupons and deals on the Wawa app are things not to miss.

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Our beloved Wawas